horse.jpgCapps Manufacturing belongs to my step-dad, Scott Capps of Clatonia, NE. I also work there. It is a equine dental business making dental floats and various equipment. He has various patents on his floats. Capps Manufacturing Equine Dental Equipment


For excellent show quality A/R miniatures horses this is a excellent place to shop! Rivendell Miniatures

Horse Clicks (Free Horse Classifieds)

Equine Now (Free Horse Classifieds)

Lil' Beginnings is the NEATEST miniature horse website! It's the "who's who's" of miniature horses and ponies! Anyone who owns a miniature horse or just likes them should use this site as their guide! Lil' Beginnings


Dream Catchers Minis


Wa-Full Farm

Alabhurst Miniatures

Oak Park Miniatures Horses is located in Wisconsin. Tami is a great person to work with and has outstanding horses!!! Oak Park Miniatures

Ventura Miniatures


Mulligan's Run Farm


Kay Jay Farm


Mandrake Miniatures

T's Miniatures

Cra-Mer Park Miniature Equine Stud

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The Mystical Mini


Highy Recommended for shipping!!  They are 5 Star Shippers!! 
Walt & Cyndy
Miller Farms Equine Transport
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